For Applicants

Applicants with foreign educational certificates can find our courses for study preparation here.

Study Preparation

Learning German and specialist language skills is a prerequisite for subsequent specialist studies at a university, university of applied sciences or college of higher education in Germany in accordance with
the applicable framework plans.


to prepare for technical, mathematical and scientific study courses


to prepare for business and social science study courses

Sprichst Du Deutsch?

German Courses

Intensive German courses from
Level A1-B2

Information on Language Courses

German Intensive Course

Duration of the training

1 term


Eligibility to attend FSP course

Study fees

Es werden Studiengebühren in Höhe von 2.800 Euro erhoben.

Information on the Assessment Test

This is the examination to determine the eligibility of applicants with foreign educational qualifications to study at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany (FSP).

Duration of the training

2 terms


Nationally recognised certificate of successful completion of the assessment test

Study fees

Es werden Studiengebühren in Höhe von 2.800 Euro pro Semester erhoben.


Sommersemester 2023

02.03.2023 - 07.07.2023

Wintersemester 2023/2024

04.09.2023 - 02.02.2024

Requirements for an Application

Conditional admission (pre-admission) to studies by a Saxon university, college or university of applied sciences

German language skills at level B1 are necessary to pass the admission test

Valid entry visa
for studying
(must be presented at the latest at the admission test)

Die Timely online application is recommended.

Examples of the Admission Test

The examples for the admission test were created in pdf format and can be downloaded and printed with Acrobat Reader.

What students say about us

I came to Glauchau in June 2017. I attended an intensive German course and then the DSH course. The German classes were very intensive, so I was able to prepare well for the exam.
Jie Zhou
Jie Zhou
from Kunming, PR China
Du Qiyi reports on his excursion with the Studienkolleg Glauchau to the go-kart racing track in Fraureuth. "On this excursion, I not only met new friends, but it was also a lot of fun. It was a very useful and nice excursion."
Kartfahren in Fraureuth
Du Qiyi
from the PR China
He Qing & Li, Yong Kun report on their trip to the amusement park in Plohn in Saxony. It goes to the white water rink, with fear in the roller coaster and with a lot of fun through the day.
Freizeitpark Plohn in Sachsen
He Qing & Li, Yong Kun
from the PR China
Leisure time after studying! Full of anticipation, we went straight from Studienkolleg Glauchau to the soccer arena in Leipzig to attend a Bundesliga soccer match on 27.04.2019.
He Yuteng
from Guangdong, PR China