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Preparatory College Glauchau

State recognized preparatory college

We offer international applicants a professional and linguistic preparation for their studies.

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Our history

STUDIENCOLLEG - Bildungsgesellschaft mbH Glauchau was founded in October 1991 as a private company. It emerged from the former Zwickau Technical University.

Our Studienkolleg is state-approved by the Saxon State Ministry for Science and Art for the acceptance of the FSP.

Nationally and internationally we cooperate with state institutions and organizations. Since December 2018, we are a telc certified examination center and offer, among others, the exam C 1 University with preparation course.

Today we work closely with our subsidiaries, the Saxony International School - Carl Hahn gGmbH (SIS), the GGB Gesellschaft zur ganzheitlichen Bildung gGmbH Saxony (GGB), the SIS Cairo West (German school abroad in Egypt) and the SIS Middle East (also located in Egypt) and implement a variety of projects in close cooperation. Especially in the field of international projects, such as Erasmus initiatives and training abroad, we work closely together.

Our goal is to enable international students to enter German universities and to provide them with the best possible support along the way.

Our philosophy

The Studienkolleg Glauchau is active in the field of organization, coordination and implementation of educational services as well as the related services at home and abroad.
We want to achieve that every participant receives an education that corresponds to his or her study wishes. In doing so, a holistic approach was and is an obligation for all employees.

Overall, we pursue the goal of being among the best in our industry through our work and commitment. This quality policy is the basis for all our activities. We want people to measure us against these criteria.

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What our students say

Jie Zhoufrom Kunming / PR China
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I came to Glauchau in June 2017. I attended an intensive German course and then the DSH course. The German classes were very intensive, so I was able to prepare well for the exam.
Benhan Solmaz
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I liked the Studienkolleg Glauchau because the lecturers cared about me and were always happy to advise me. The Studienkolleg Glauchau has helped me not only with my studies but also with my integration into student life in Germany. I am currently studying mechanical engineering at the TU Chemnitz.
Jiancheng Bifrom Shandong / PR China
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I studied German at the Studienkolleg Glauchau from 2018 - 2019, initially in an intensive course and then in a course to prepare for the German Language Test for University Entrance (DSH). Now I study mechanical engineering at the TU Chemnitz.
Du Qiyifrom the PRC
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Du Qiyi reports on his excursion with the Studienkolleg Glauchau to the go-kart track in Fraureuth. "During this excursion, I not only met new friends, but I also had a lot of fun. It was a very meaningful and nice excursion."
He Qing & Li, Yong Kunfrom the PRC
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He Qing & Li, Yong Kun report on their trip to the amusement park in Plohn in Saxony. It goes to the white water ride, with fear in the roller coaster and with a lot of fun through the day.
He Yuteng from Guangdong / PR China
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Free time after the Lemen! With full anticipation we went directly from the Studienkolleg Glauchau to the soccer arena in Leipzig to visit a Bundesliga soccer match.

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Bettina Zölsmann

Head of Studienkolleg
Project Coordination Languages
telc Officer
Course Compilation


Luise Reißig

Head of International Office
Contact for international students

Language courses

We offer German courses from A1 to C1. We distinguish between intensive courses, basic courses and company courses.

In addition to German language courses, we also offer courses for English and Spanish. If you are interested please contact us please.


Our T-course is the optimal preparation for all mathematics, science and engineering majors.

The final certificate of our T-courses is recognized by all technical colleges, colleges and universities (also TU9).

W courses

Our W-course is the optimal preparation for all business and social science majors.

The final certificate of our W courses is recognized by all technical colleges, colleges and universities.

Language travel

Our high quality educational trips are specifically designed for young people who are interested in studying, working or studying at a German high school in Germany.

Our goal is to give them the opportunity to get their own impression of the study conditions at universities, the learning conditions at high schools, IB schools as well as the various job opportunities in Germany.

Special language courses

This offer is aimed at interested parties who need specific professional language skills in the course of their professional integration or who are aiming for the C1 Telc qualification as part of their doctoral studies. We offer special German courses for professional groups such as doctors, technicians and others. In addition, we offer specially tailored courses designed to facilitate professional entry into companies. Our professional programs ensure targeted support and optimal learning success.

School trips

We act as a link between German and foreign schools. In particular, we specialize in establishing partnerships between elementary schools, high schools and grammar schools abroad as well as the Saxony International School.

We offer foreign students the unique opportunity to study at German high schools from grade 9 to grade 12 and to take the German Abitur.

School visits
to high schools

In cooperation with Saxony International School, students from all over the world have the opportunity to get a first-hand impression of the quality of education and school life at a German high school. The high schools of the Saxony International School are international high schools. They are characterized by a multilingual language program, as well as a unique, all-encompassing educational program.

Online language courses

Students who wish to take the FSP course must have a B1 level of German. They can achieve this level before arriving in Germany by taking an online language course in their home country.

telc exams

We are an official Telc exam center and authorized to conduct Telc exams.

A Telc certificate is a language certificate that is internationally recognized as proof of a person's ability in the foreign language in question, whether for professional, academic or personal purposes.