Our mission statement

What makes us special

The best study preparation

Diversity, equal opportunities and innovative teaching methods - to create an inspiring learning environment.

Studiencolleg - Bildungsgesellschaft mbH Glauchau stands for an inspiring learning environment in which students can develop their full potential. Together, we shape the future through education and lay the foundations for successful international study careers.

International diversity and equal opportunities:
We value and promote the diversity of our students from different countries. Our aim is to ensure equal opportunities and promote a global perspective through an open and inclusive learning environment.

Excellent education and individual support:
We strive for the highest quality in subject and language study preparation. With our experienced and dedicated lecturers, we not only offer excellent teaching content, but also personal support that takes into account the individual needs of our students.

Innovation and technology:
We strive to integrate innovative teaching methods and technologies to ensure up-to-date and effective study preparation. The use of modern technologies is intended to optimize the learning process and promote the digital competence of our students.

Sustainability and social responsibility:
We are committed to social responsibility and sustainability. Our educational institution promotes not only knowledge, but also an awareness of environmental and social challenges. We encourage our students to act as responsible global citizens.

Openness to progress and feedback:
We are open to change and continuous improvement. An open dialog with students, employees and partners is important to us. We value constructive feedback and use it to constantly optimize our educational mission.