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To prepare for technical, mathematical, and scientific courses of study.

The final certificate of our T-courses is recognized by all universities of applied sciences, colleges and universities (also TU9). Our T-course is the optimal preparation for all mathematical-scientific and engineering subjects.

Here are some examples of courses that can be assigned to the T-course:

W course

To prepare students for business and social science courses.

The final certificate of our W-courses is recognized by all universities of applied sciences, colleges and universities. Our W-course is the optimal preparation for all business and social science subjects.

Here are some examples of courses that can be assigned to the W course:

Language courses

Intensive course B1

This course prepares students who wish to take the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP) to level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) within one semester. Prerequisite for participation is admission to a German university or college. The course lasts one semester and ends with a B1 exam. If the student does not pass the exam, it is possible to repeat the course. For our Egyptian students this intensive course is offered in Cairo.

C1 University

This course prepares students who have completed their bachelor's degree in their home country and are now pursuing a master's degree at a German university. The C1 course extends over one semester and ends with a Telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule exam. The date for the exam can vary individually. Students who have already reached the C1 level also have the option of taking the exam earlier.

Other courses

We offer Basic German courses from A1 to B1 for students of English majors. Students receive afternoon classes 2 - 3 days per week alongside their actual studies.

We also offer company courses in German for foreign employees. These courses are specially tailored to the wishes of the respective company. Besides German, we also offer English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

We also offer intensive German courses, basic German courses and BAMF courses (integration and professional language courses).

Special courses

This offer is aimed at interested parties who need specific professional language skills in the course of their professional integration or who are aiming for the C1 Telc qualification as part of their doctoral studies. We offer special German courses for professional groups such as doctors, technicians and others. In addition, we offer specially tailored courses designed to facilitate professional entry into companies. Our professional programs ensure targeted support and optimal learning success.

Other language courses

In addition to German language courses, we also offer courses for English and Spanish. If you are interested please contact us please.

Price strength

The course size varies. Individual courses can also be booked. As a rule, we conduct our language courses in small groups. The maximum number of students is 15-20.

Language travel

Discover Germany: High-quality educational trips for young people, including individual programs.

Our high quality educational trips are specifically designed for young people who are interested in studying, working or learning at a German high school in Germany. Our goal is to give them the opportunity to get their own impression of the study conditions at universities, the learning conditions at high schools, IB schools as well as the diverse job opportunities in Germany. In doing so, we not only emphasize visiting educational institutions and companies, but also cultural experiences and sightseeing.

Our programs are individually designed to meet personal preferences. We travel in comfortable minibuses and allow participants to have direct contact with students, pupils and other stakeholders. In addition, we offer German language courses to improve language skills. Our participants are also introduced to fabulous accommodation options. The group size can vary according to the needs.

School trips

International partnerships, projects and trips for elementary schools, high schools and high schools.

We act as a link between German and foreign schools. In particular, we specialize in establishing partnerships between elementary schools, high schools and grammar schools abroad as well as Saxony International School. Our goal is to facilitate joint school projects, including language camps for foreign schools as well as summer and get-to-know-you courses at German schools. These courses also include field trips to provide a varied learning experience.

We offer foreign students the unique opportunity to study at German high schools from grade 9 to grade 12 and to take the German Abitur. Our comprehensive services include overnight accommodations, full-day meals and continuous 24-hour supervision to ensure an optimal learning environment. We also offer support services and integrated language training to help students integrate successfully.

In addition, we enable our students to complete the internationally recognized "DIPLOMA" baccalaureate at our IB partner schools worldwide. This cooperation opens up international perspectives for students and broad recognition of their educational qualifications.