The most frequently asked questions about our courses

The most frequently asked questions

FAQs about studying in Glauchau

Yes, you must have a pre-admission (conditional admission) from a college or university by the time you take the admission test at the latest. We will be happy to advise you regarding pre-admission/conditional admission.

Yes, our FSP certificates are recognised by all colleges and universities.

Your grade has two components:

1. The preliminary grade, which is formed with smaller tests and oral performances in the course of the 2nd term.

2. The assessment test at the end of the 2nd term.

Here are examples of examination subjects like mathematics, German, physics, economics/business administration:

1st example:
During the term your preliminary grade is grade 4. In the Admission Test at the end of the 2nd term you have grade 2.

The certificate grade is calculated as follows:

4 (first grade) + 2 (exam) = 6;

6:2 = 3

In this case you will get grade 3 in the FSP certificate.

2nd example:
During the term your preliminary grade is grade 3. On the day of the Admission Test you have a bad day and get the grade 5..

3 (first grade) + 5 (exam) = 8

8:2 = 4

Also in this case you have passed and get the grade 4 in the FSP certificate.

Die Deutschkurse und die FSP-Kurse kosten 2600 Euro pro Semester.

Yes, payment by instalments is also possible after agreement.

In recent terms, all students who passed the admission test have been offered a place at the Studienkolleg.

Yes, the Studienkolleg has 2 student residences in which there are sufficient places available.

Yes, we offer telc examinations at irregular intervals.

The maximum number of students in a class is 22. The average number of students in a class is 18.

In the past years we had students from:

China, Turkey, Mozambique, India, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Tunisia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Libya, Cameroon, Congo, Kazakhstan, India, Argentina, Mongolia, South Korea, Indonesia, Iran and Russia.

Yes, we offer excursions with the courses and on weekends. Examples: Visit of Bundesliga game RB Leipzig, go-cart driving, amusement park, excursions to Dresden and Leipzig, visit of the FH Dresden and the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida.

The German test is at B1 level. You can find examples of the mathematics and German tests at the homepage with a click here.

You can attend the preparatory German course with us.