An insight into everyday life: preparing for the FSP exam

December is a crucial time for our international students from the last summer semester, as they are currently in the middle of intensive preparations for the upcoming Feststellungsprüfung (FSP) in January. It is impressive to see how much commitment and ambition they are putting into preparing for the FSP.

In these stressful times, the strong community among our international students is particularly evident. Joint study groups are formed spontaneously and experiences are shared. The Studienkolleg becomes a place of mutual understanding where cultural diversity plays an important role. The exchange of knowledge and experience goes hand in hand with the pursuit of individual success.

With each day that draws closer to the exam, the tension increases, but so does the anticipation of the future. Our students have clear goals in mind: to get into their dream university. The FSP is the key that will open the doors to the academic worlds they dream of.

With this in mind, we are already keeping our fingers crossed for the upcoming exams and wish you every success on your way to your dream university!

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