Modern design for our dormitory

The dormitory on Auestraße is undergoing an exciting transformation. Extensive renovation and a new exterior design will make the former hotel in Glauchau an even more attractive place for international students.

The first step of the redesign has been completed, with the interior of the building undergoing a comprehensive renovation. From the common areas to the individual living units, everything has been updated to provide modern comfort and functionality. But we still have more in store. The next exciting step includes the redesign of the exterior facade, which will give the residence hall a fresh, contemporary look.

The façade becomes an eye-catcher with new colors and creative design elements. This new coat of paint reflects the energy and diversity that make up our student community. The building will thus not only be a place to live, but also a source of inspiration and a place of exchange.

The dormitory's location in close proximity to the Studienkolleg classrooms and Glauchau's city center makes it even more attractive. Students can conveniently commute between education and leisure activities, enjoying the best of both worlds.

In short, our Auestraße residence hall is not only being renovated, but downright transformed. With a fresh design, modern amenities and a warm community, we invite international students to find a home here and gain unforgettable experiences.

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